Notification from Ark City-S1

Ark City HQ Notice for all citizens

6 years ago
This Audio Announcement is being submitted by Ark City HQ. There is hope for the future. This is confirmation of both the secret government sanctuary Ark City, and evidence of what the Alien Icosahedron technology is capable of. His Icosahedrons broadcasted everything from the moment they were implanted. What follows is the entire collection of audio evidence from an illegal experiment known as Lawful Good.I am sending this out to all of you so you’ll know what you face out there in the darkness. I’m sending this out as a way of saying sorry for your losses. What you’ll hear may confuse you at first but if you can put the clues together, in time you might just get yourself an invite to Ark City. To safety. Voice Talent: Paul Arbisi Giovani Goulart "Alone in the world" Theme Music Created by David Steele and Adam Christopher Written by Adam Christopher For behind the scenes and updates check Steele Empire Productions
@SteeleEmpire 2020